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Publications by iCAN Sama-O-Basr

(Sama-O-Basr is iCAN’s project that produces and publishes books and audiobooks)

​Audiobook - Khutbat e Europe (Urdu)

(Urdu) Iman: A tahreeki perspective
Syed Suleiman Nadvi [Audio]

(Urdu) Islam Kiya Hai? [Audio]
(Maulana Syed Abul Aala Maududi)

30 days under the shade of Rasool Allah ﷺ (hadith collection)

Commentary on: Nukhbatul Fikr of Imam Ibn Al-Hajr Al-Asqalani

Women workers of Islamic Movement: A strategic overview

Put his luggage on your head:
​Some Dawah experiences

Welcoming your newborn (Aqeeqah, naming, circumcision and more)

40 hadith on good character
(Abu Amina Elias)

Smile its Sunnah! (40 smiles from the Prophet ﷺ and the companions)

40 Rabbana Dua book
(40 duas from the Quran)

Developing Loft Akhlaq: Why and How
(Maulana Syed Maududi)

An Eid with the Prophet ﷺ
(Fiqh of Eid)

The bequest and Islamic Will template
(Wassiyyah and Irth)

Reviving the heart
(On tazkiyyah of hearts)

Saadi Says
(Stories for all ages)

Hadith Memorization Nisab
(Khateeb Program)

iCAN Ramadan Wheel
(Daily tracker for Ramadan)

What type of karkun of Islamic Movement should you become?

Be a merciful father for the orphans
(40 ahadith regarding orphans)

A walk in Rumi’s garden
(some flowers from the east)