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About Us - Islamic Circle of Australia and New Zealand

Islamic Circle of Australia & New Zealand (iCAN) was established in response to the growing need of a supportive Muslim community in Australia and New Zealand. In the past decade, iCAN’s members were working individually or in small groups, without the umbrella of iCAN while maintaining an active presence in local communities. Collective efforts started when like minded people came together through various platforms and incubated the idea of establishing Islamic Circle of Australia & New Zealand (iCAN). The idea has now turned into a reality and is actively serving the Muslim communities in Australia and New Zealand. By focusing on self-development, education, outreach and social services, iCAN has cemented its place as a leading grassroots organization in the Australian & New Zealand Muslim community.

The organization focuses on educating its growing membership and general community about the teachings of Islam in all spheres of life, ensuring community bonding, youth networking, social work, and establishment of a vision-oriented Muslim community in Australia and New Zealand, while fully abiding by the law of the land. 

iCAN is committed to be an inclusive and diverse organization welcoming members, volunteers and supporters from diverse ethnic and geographic backgrounds. iCAN’s official language is English as it is the most widely spoken and understood language in Australia and New Zealand. 

iCAN’s currently operates with the following departments:

  • Young Muslims Network: This department organizes kids and youths activities focusing on learning with fun, bonding and social cohesion
  • Personal development department: This department organizes regular learning events including Quran circle, Study circles, training events and other relevant educational interventions.
  • Gain Peace: It is iCAN’s dawah wing which is engaged in street dawah and other dawah-related activities.
  • Sister’s Wing: This wing provides learning and networking opportunities for Muslim women
  • Student wing: This department aims to provide a supportive environment for Muslim students currently studying in local universities and higher education institutions
  • Media & IT wing: This wing focuses on community outreach with the availability of information about the iCAN programs, activities, and achievements

In future, we have plans to launch additional services including iCAN Relief, Muslim Artwork, Muslim Savings & Investment, and many more endeavors in order to cater for the needs of the fastly growing Australian & New Zealand Muslim communities.

iCAN aspires to establish connections between Islam and general public and collaborate  with various local Muslim organizations. iCAN also aspires to work closely with many national interfaith organizations for the betterment of broader Australian and New Zealand society.

This great work is a joint responsibility of all Muslim community. If you agree with our aims and objectives as stated above and wish to work with us for the development and growth of Muslim communities in Australia and New Zealand, we welcome you to join us and be our valuable team member. Your local iCAN members can provide you more information about iCAN and the process to volunteer with us.

Our Community Services

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