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​YMNA's introduction:

Young children and teens are continuously bombarded with inappropriate content through various channels. The messages they get from their peers and most of the media is that they should do whatever makes them “happy” or “fulfilled”. It is, accordingly, no surprise that many of our young ones get exposed to social diseases such as drugs and crime. Young Muslims in Australia are in a constant struggle between being accepted by society and firmly adhering to their faith.  It is easier to follow the crowd and gain acceptance than to reject societal norms and risk being an outcast. It is essential that we, as Muslim community leaders and parents, provide them with beneficial company, advice and friendship, rather than falsely assuming that our youth are immune to such things and it is okay if we don’t do anything special for them.
With the objective of nurturing a bright future for our young generation in Australia and New Zealand, iCAN has established a wing called YMNA – Young Muslims Network Australia – whch is an effort to provide youth with a safe and positive environment to have fun, network and get active. We work with Young people to develop their skills, character and leadership potential.

The outreach activities of YMNA are not limited to the Muslim community. It serves the needs of all members of society irrespective of color, race, religion, or creed, and promotes interfaith co-operation in order to promote peace and harmony within the broader Australian and New Zealand Community. YMNA’s activities presents the peaceful and true message of Islam by removing common misconceptions and misunderstandings. It firmly believes that engagement, interaction and mutual respect are important constituents of the true teachings of Islam.

​YMNA's Activities:

From the YMNA platform, iCAN organizes regular ‘learn with fun’ activities that engage young people and inspire the wider community. We endeavor to organize safe, structured and affordable activities for the youth. YMNA cares not only for the spiritual and moral well being of its members, but also for their physical well being. Sporting events such as Bush Walks, weekend camps, soccer, cricket and basketball tournaments are a regular occurrence. Apart from the physical competitiveness of these events, members have the opportunity to meet, network and, most importantly, develop the bonds of brotherhood with fellow members.

Some of the our engaging and interesting activities including:

      • Picnics
      • Camping
      • Fishing
      • Sports Tournaments (Cricket, Basketball, Football, Table Tennis and others)
      • Kids Workshops (Arts, Crafts, IT, Media and others)
      • Educational Trips
      • Bush Walks and hiking
      • Fitness Camps

Would be willing to join us in one of our upcoming events? If so, feel free to express your interest and we will inshaAllah get back to you asap.

An overview of YMNA Activities:

​YMNA's Activities:

Muslim youth needs to be in an environment where good deeds and good character are celebrated – somewhere they can turn to in order to receive wholesome Islamic advice without being looked down upon for their flaws, race, color, or appearance.  Being around people who encourage good deeds and discourage bad is a positive form of peer pressure that builds confidence and strength of character. 

YMNA girls implement this by encouraging participation in community affairs, providing space to grow and learn from fellow community members while contributing to discussions and activism with their unique perspectives.

YMNA girls connects Muslim teen girls throughout Australia and New Zealand.  This grassroots organization provides the tools our young girls need to grow and develop. YMNA girls presents and stresses core concepts of Islamic character & leadership, helping youth to deepen their understanding of Islam and implement virtuous traits that are crucial to their success.  Through YMNA girls’ unique approach, young girls not only find an opportunity to explore their faith and strengthen it, but also to build bonds of companionship that last a lifetime. Our aim is to become an organizations that provides Muslim girls all the right tool that they need to become the leaders of today and tomorrow.