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iCAN Associate Member Syllabus

iCAN’s personal development department prepares its syllabus from the perspective of holistic personality development. In accordance with this objective, the following 8 areas are included in the Associate membership syllabus. Each of these areas is represented in a separate section below. Each section contains various flexible options for achieving the desired outcome (in terms of language, medium, and other aspects, as applicable).

Section 1: Quran Memorization

Memorize ​Al-Fatiha plus any 5 surahs 
​(A useful reference: Last 20 surahs of Quran: Download)

Section 2: Tafseer

The following three requirements are required to be met. 

1. Debacha and Muqadimah of Tafheem ul Quran by Maulana Syed Abul Aala Maududi 
​(Tafheem ul Quran can be read from Australian Islamic Library in 9 languages)
Debacha of Tafheem ul Quran can also be accessed separately from below:
Urdu: Read / Download / Listen / Watch
English: Read / Download

2. ​Tafseer Surah Fatiha 
​The tafseer of Surah Fatiha can be completed through 1 of the 3 options below:
Option 1: Surah Fatiha from Tafheem ul Quran
Urdu: Download;
English: Download;
(For further reference, Tafseer bookshelf of Australian Islamic Library can be consulted which is a house to more than 100 titles on the subject)
Option 2: Rediscovering Al-Fatiha Lecture by Sheikh Noman Ali Khan (Recommended)
English: Watch / Listen
Option 3: Tafseer Al-Fatiha by Dr. Israr Ahmed
Urdu: Read / Download Watch
English: Watch

3. ​Tafseer Surah Kahf
The tafseer of Surah Kahf can be completed through 1 of the 5 options below:
​Option 1: Surah Kahf from Tafheem ul Quran
Urdu: Download Watch / Listen
English: Listen (from ‘Towards Understanding the Quran” which an abridged version of Tafheem ul Quran) / Read (unabridged)
Option 2: iCAN Course on Tafseer of Surah Al-Kahf (Dr. Yasir Qadhi)
English: Listen
​Option 3: Surah Kahf lecture by Dr. Israr Ahmed
Urdu: Watch
Option 4: Surah Kahf – Hafiz Naveed Ahmed
Urdu: Watch: Part 1Part 2
Option 5: Surah Kahf – Sheikh Noman Ali Khan
English: Listen

Section 3: Hadith

The hadith study syllabus can be completed through 1 of the 4 options below:

​Option 1: Chahal Hadith by Khurram Murad R.A. (​Recommended)
Urdu: Read / Download
Option 2: Hadith e Nawawi – Dr. Israr Ahmed – Only Part 1 is mandatory
Urdu: Watch: Part1, Part2Part3Part4Part5Part6Part7Part8Part9
Option 3: 40 Hadith by Mufti Hussain Kamani – Only Hadith 1 (3 audios) is mandatory
English: Intro1Intro2, Hadith1
​Option 4: 40 hadith by Shiekh Navaid Aziz (part 1)  OR any other lecture series/course or book on 40 hadith of Imam Nawawi (all 42 ahadith)
English / Urdu / Bangla – Access from here

Section 4: Development of Required Islamic Character and Personality

The following two requirements are required to be met:

1. Read and understand one of the following books:
Option 1: Islam Kiya hai (Maulana Syed Abul Aala Maududi)
Urdu: ReadListen
Option 2: The message of Islam (English translation of the booklet ‘Islam Kiya hai’)
English: Download

2. Read and understand one of the following books:
Option 1: Shahadat e Haq (Syed Abul Aala Maududi) شہادت حق
Urdu: Download / Listen
Option 2: Witness unto Mankind (English translation for Shahadat e Haq)
English: Download

Optional additional resource (not included in the mandatory syllabus):
Witness unto mankind lecture by Sheikh Noman Ali Khan: Watch

Section 5: Seerah

The Seerah study can be completed through 1 of the 3 options below:

Option 1: ​Nabi SAW ki seerat k numayan pehlu (Hafiz Muhammad Idris)
Urdu: Watch / Listen
Option 2: How to be with the Prophet PBUH in Jannah – Sheikh Omar Suleiman
English: Watch
Option 3: Uswa e Rasool se 100 Jhalkiyan – Sheikh Shuja ud Din Sheikh
Urdu: Watch

Section 6: Relationship building

Don’t Judge, Spread Salam (A Khutbah by Sheikh Noman Ali Khan)
English: Watch / Listen

Section 7: Organizational Code of Conduct

The following two requirements are required to be met.

1. Read and understand Clauses 1-15 (at least) of the iCAN Constitution

2. Complete the ‘WHEN MUSLIMS WORK TOGETHER’ course by Sheikh Noman Ali Khan through one of the following options:
Option 1: English – Listen:

  • Part1 (Motivation for Islamic Work – Main session),
  • Part2 (The Balanced Big Picture),
  • Part3 (Volunteer Discipline)
  • Part4 (Shura and its manners)
  • Part5 (Najwa – Something that destroys the Islamic work),
  • Part6 (Qualities of Leaders),
  • Part7 (Q&A)

Option 2: When Muslims Work Together (transcription of above course in book form): Read / Download

Section 8: Islamic Spirituality

The study on Islamic Spirituality can be completed through 1 of the 2 options below:

Option 1: English – ‘Curing the Sick hearts’ lecture by Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim – Watch
Option 2: English – Reviving the Hearts Course by iCAN – Access (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)