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iCAN Training Events and Workshops

Being committed to the personal and spiritual development of its members and broader society, iCAN organizes a number of training events and workshops. An overview of some of our key workshops is presented below.

Guiding principles for the Muslim volunteers

How can the effectiveness of volunteer efforts be enhanced? What are the factors that improve the productivity from volunteer work and what are result in reduced outcomes? What are the Islamic manners and morals of volunteerism? What motivates and demotivates the volunteers? How should volunteer workers maintain their relationships with each other? This workshop provides answers to these and many other relevant questions.

Relevant Resources: 
  • When Muslims Work Together (Lecture series by Noman Ali Khan)
  • Relationships between the Islamic volunteers (by Khurram Murad)

Philosophy of Islam

Why do Muslims believe in what they believe? Why do they do certain acts of worship? Is there really any benefit in praying five times a day, or donating your hard-earned money to the poor, or going on pilgrimage? This workshop explains the philosophical grounds behind the Islamic system of belief and worship. It provides a logical explanation about why these beliefs are necessary and why these acts of worship have been prescribed for Muslims.

Relevant Resources:

  • Towards understanding Islam (by Syed Abul Aala Maududi)
  • Khutbaat (by Syed Abul Aala Maududi)

Strategic Vision

Identifying a clear and meaningful vision is critical towards personal and organizational success and excellence. This workshop will give you the tools you need for developing a worthy, powerful vision! Introduced by Timelenders (a US and Pakistan based training organization), this workshop has been delivered to participants from more than 75 nationalities. The workshop has a proven track-record of transforming the life of companies as well as individuals. iCAN trainers are now delivering this life-changing training to the local attendees. Organizations are also welcome to express interest.


  • Long Walk to Freedom (by Nelson Mandela)
  • Good to Great (by Jim Collins)
  • Built to Last (by Jim Collins)

​Strategic Time Management

Would you like to have two additional months each year? Would that help you manage your tasks more effectively? If so, then this is the right workshop for you. This highly engaging and interactive workshop delivers ground-breaking concepts and ideas that will revolutionize the way you manage your time and your life! The life-changing concepts presented in this workshop were introduced by Timelenders (a US and Pakistan based training organization) and are now delivered in training sessions worldwide. iCAN trainers are also delivering this life-changing training to the local attendees. Organizations are also welcome to express interest.